Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WECW Basing for Royalists at Auldearn

Here is the basing plan I am using for my Royalist Army. The figure count is based on the OOB below at a 1:10 figure scale. The pike to shot ratio is based on those listed in the OOB with some rounding up and down where necessary to give complete ranks. Unit frontage for infantry is shown at the top of the plan.

Pike blocks are coloured purple and contain pike models (P) and command models; Ensign (E), Musician (M) and Officer (O). I plan to have two colours in each pike block, more on the regimental colours later. Shot sleeves are coloured yellow, highlanders are in green and cavalry is in blue.

Inspired by some of the ECW armies showcased online (links below) I will use predominantly multi-figure bases. 40mm x 40mm bases for 4 infantry models and 50mm x 50mm bases for 2 cavalry models. As will as avoiding problems with "ranking up" models in awkward poses, such as charging pikemen, it will allow some creative diorama basing with casualties etc.

As Warhammer English Civil War requires removal of individual casualties, each unit, sleeve or pike block will have at least two models based on standard single model Warhammer bases; 20mm square for infantry, 25mm x 50mm bases for cavalry. Remaining infantry models will be on 40mm x 20mm bases containing 2 models.

I want the 4 model command stands to be located in the centre of the pike block. To do this with 4 model wide pike blocks means that the command stand must be flanked on both sides by a 2 model 40mm x 20mm base.

I am basing my first couple of units just now, using Litko Aero wooden bases, and will post pictures of how they turn out as soon as they are ready. Covenanter basing scheme to follow soon.

In the meantime, some online inspiration...

David Imries ECW Scots

Phil Olley's ECW Showcase


Mike Bruck said...

Fantastic organization, You must be an engineer! :)

I look forward to watching the army grow.

Mike B

elcid1099 said...

"Engineer" - Not far off Mike! We're both geologists.