Friday, January 18, 2008

Painting Covenanters

What could be more boring than a grey army? Connotations of John Major aside, it still doesn’t inspire you with a lot of passion. After all the rest of the war of the three kingdoms had some pretty colourful troops, with white, green and red all making a show.

But if you are fighting the war in Scotland you take what you get (or you’ll have your porridge and like it (and mind just salt, nae namby pamby sugar like yon Sassenachs)). So the question was how to make the painting of the governmental regiments interesting enough (upwards of 150 infantry) but allowing a show of uniformity.

With the move to Foundry paints, this wasn’t too much of a problem as they have a wide variety of dour paint types. However, to try and attain some uniformity, but with suitable raggedness, and also distinguish the individual regiments the following painting scheme was adhered to.

Jackets – Slate Grey (majority), additional Rawhide, Drab and Granite
Trews – Quagmire (majority), additional Rawhide, Drab
Socks – Raw Linen (majority), additional Moss
Webbing/Belts – Buff Leather (or rawhide if over Buff Coats)
Buff Coats – Buff Leather
Cuffs and Collars – Arctic Grey/White
Bonnets – Night Sky/Storm Blue
Shoes – Bay Brown

Guns – Spearstaff (wood), Boltgun/Chainmail (metal – GW’s), Boneyard (matches)

Bandoliers – Bay Brown
Powder Pouch – Conker Brown
Tassels – Night Sky/Storm Blue
Scabbard – Conker Brown
Sword Scabbard – Bay Brown
Sword Hilt – Boltgun Metal/Chainmail (GW)

Blankets – varied by regiment – uniform colour/plaid choice
Trews Ribbons - varied by regiment
Drums - varied by regiment

Officers/Ensigns/ Drummers – potential for some additional colour in jacket and trews selection.

Additionally, for some variety, one regiment may get some red jackets, implying they had returned from active service in Ireland where the English parliament had undertaken to clothe Scots troops in the field. However, this is not tested on the figures yet.

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