Friday, August 1, 2008

Auldearn Battlefield

Picture taken 31st July, 2008 from Castle Hill. The hill in the centre is Garlic Hill, the site of most of the fighting. The Government army advanced from the right (west) along the crest of the hill, avoiding the boggy low lying land to the south and north of the hill. The Royalists were based in and around the village of Auldearn visible on the left (East).


Anonymous said...

Outstanding as always seeing the update on this website. Keep them coming.

MattCleveland said...

Just wanted to say I really enjoy this blog. The detail in the figure painting is superb. It really is a shame that more isn't made of this wonderful part of Scottish history. I have posted a few pics for fellow ECW buffs. I hope you enjoy my attempts at 'art'?

MattCleveland said...

I just wanted to say that I have been jealously admiring this blog for some time. The figure painting is superb. It’s a real shame that this fascinating period is Scottish history is so overlooked. I too have been attempting a little 'art' for fellow ECW buffs. I hope you enjoy it.

Becky said...

Hi, I'm helping my dad write a book about the Covenanters and I love your panoramic photo showing the battlefield of Auldearn. Would you be willing to let us use this photo in the book please?

If so, please let us know how you would like us to credit the photo and I'll give you my email address for you to send it to.

Many thanks,

Becky Williamson

elcid1099 said...

Sure, no problem. Let me know if you need a better quality image. I also have photos of some of the other Battlefields - Tippermuir, Justice Mills, Fyvie, Alford.