Sunday, April 22, 2012

"The Flag" - a short film about Irish Confederates

Stumbled across this film (link at bottom of post) by accident on the Facebook page of an Irish historical re-enactment group called Claíomh (Irish for sword) Living History. The group, based in Ireland, re-create many different periods from the Middle Ages through to Early Modern. Photographs of this group portraying troops of the Irish Catholic Confederacy were featured in the excellent Osprey book, "Ireland 1649-52: Cromwell's Protestant Crusade" (Campaign 213).

Irish Confederate Ensign with colours, as portrayed by Claiomh

This short film is set in the aftermath of Cromwell's sack of Drogheda, shows 3 surviving Irish Confederacy soldiers, including an Ensign with his Confederacy colours, considering the course of action. The flag is based on the same descriptions for those of the Marquis of Antrim's Irish Brigade sent to the Scottish mainland to intervene in the war on behalf of the King. Antrim (see side bar) was himself on the council of the Irish Catholic Confederacy during 1644, and was Lt General of all confederate forces (although he resigned this commission before sending the Irish Brigade to Scotland).

"The Flag"

Anyway, I love the look these guys have achieved for the Confederates, it is very close to how I imagined them to look, so I reckon this is a great little short for all fans of the Irish soldier during the ECW! They have also added a second film on the Irish galloglas. And have a look at their Facebook page for more great photos like the one above.

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Bedford said...

Great to see this project still has some impetus behind it mate.

Very much enjoying learning as I read.