Thursday, August 23, 2012

MacColla's Lifeguard WIP 4

Lifeguard all painted and ready for basing. Basing scheme shown. Working of the flags for this unit just now. Will give the Lifeguard another pair of Irish flags, most likely with yellow and white fields. I also have a couple of 'personal' flags for MacColla, which I will use on a "Pike and Shotte" Command Base. You may notice the small pieces of Foundry blister card I use to jack up the bases. Despite the fact that real folks have different heights, aesthetically I just like less big height differences in my units.

The remaining photos are some other odds and ends I have also recently completed and ready to base. I have a couple of MacColla's from Eureka. The original figure (just below) I will base in such away that he can be placed amongst his Lifeguard. 

My other MacColla (below) is a conversion based on Angus McBride's Auldearn plate in the Osprey "Highland Clansmen". Added bunnet, beard, sporran, targe (on back) and shoulder belt. He will go on a command base with the two highland ensigns carrying his personal standards.

Below are a couple of spare highland pikemen/axemen. They are destined for Monymore's Regt...

Next is some spare Perry Irish Command, a sergeant (left) and officer (right), who are ready for the third and final Irish Regiment and a Eureka Irish priest (centre) who will probably end up as a covenanting minister (although the crucifix may have to be carefully removed for that).

A Foundry officer, painted as a Royalist and who will end up on an Irish command base. Love the pipe and the flamboyant hat.

Finally, my first attempt at a couple of Warlord figures. On the left is a metal piper for the Scottish Infantry box set, and on the right a plastic musketeer with firelock. Nice figures. They are taller than Perry and Eureka, but very similar to Bicorne is size. You probably wouldn't want to mix them in the same unit but the difference is not so noticeable with paint on, so they look fine on the table with the Perry sized stuff. They paint up nice, even the plastic chap with the face only a mother could love.


Flags of War said...

These are gorgeous mate. They are amongst some of the best plaid i have seen.

Phil said...

Fantastic minis, the sergeant and the priest are my favourites! And a great blog too!

Unknown said...

Excellent painting :)

elcid1099 said...

Had a question about the colours I used so thought I would post the answer here too...

The flesh is the standard Foundry palette but with a base of terracotta, and going very easy on the 'peelly-waally' Flesh highlight, which is too pale for fighting men living it rough in the outdoors IMO.

I use various palettes for hodden grey, but generally aim for a warmer grey. Occasionally I will use some subtle colour through the grey or a straight up brown.

I generally use Foundry Granite as it requires no mixing, although I always bout a drop of the darker shade in the next layer. i.e. a drop of A into B, and a drop of B into C. It softens some of the harsher contrasts and helps blend the tones a bit.

I also like to use Coat d'Arms Field Grey. I make the base layer by adding Coat d'arms Negro (or any other a very dark brown). Then use neat Field Grey for the mid layer, and add some GW Bleached Bone to make the highlight.

I also do something similar with Citadel Charadon Granite, but this is darker closer to a base layer shade, and really just needs progressive lightening for the mid and highlight.

Citadel actually have a bunch of great new greys that I am just experimenting with now. In fact the purple/mauve looking grey is Citadel Base: Daemonette Hide. Very nice.

The Browns are Foundry Peat, Bay Brown, or GW Scorched Brown highlighted up with Bestial Brown or Snakebite Leather.

Andy said...

Magnificent! Love the plaid.