Monday, October 1, 2012

Gordon of Monymore's Pike - WIP II

Made some good progress on Monymore's Pike over the last weekend. Thought I'd share the work so far. Finished almost all of the tartans, with just a couple of green based tartans to go. Even though this will be a regular pike and shot regiment, I wanted this unit to look like a highland unit so I have included a proportion of highland models, and have also painted most of the lowland models with tartan breeks. 

In addition to the last couple of tartans, I have just hair, pikes, flags and the odd detail (e.g. drum, officer sashes) to complete before basing. I also have 4 other pike models that are complete but not photographed yet.

The first stand of pike

Second stand of pike

Regimental command

Below is a close up of some tartans. The drummer and highlander with great sword both have the same red base, but it is interesting how the yellow overstripe on highlander (rightmost model) changes the apparent base colour making it look more brown. Worth remembering as this trick may make it easier to paint a lot more apparent variety than there actually is, just by varying the overstripe colour.

 The model on the right is the Perry command figure I am planning to use as Monymore himself. I am having some doubts though as he seems a little too "lowland" so I am considering replacing him on the command stand with the Old Glory Highlander below left. He is an excellent model and would work well as a highland gentleman Colonel. The model was sculpted with a philabeg (modern kilt) rather than a plaid, so I have added a belted plaid with greenstuff that should look pretty good once painted. I'll let you know what I decide. If any followers have strong opinions on which way I should go please comment below.

I am quite happy with the plaids on this batch, and have definitely learned a lot while painting MacColla's Lifeguard. The tartans took a lot less time, and I personally think the colour choices work pretty well, which is great for my morale as I have another 24 shot models primed and ready to go next, and they are mostly highlanders.

The rest of the photos below are front and back close ups of each pike model...


Bluewillow said...

awesome work on the tartan mate!

impressed with the brown one the most!


Bluewillow said...

supurb work on the tartans, love them!


Ubique Matt said...

Beautiful paint job on those figures. Looking forward to seeing them completed.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look just fantastic!!


Millsy said...

These are superb. Any chance you could do a step-by-step tutorial on how you paint your tartans?


Secundus said...

Beautiful painting! love the detail in the tartan.