Saturday, November 10, 2012

Findlatter's Regiment

Raised by the James, 1st Earl of Findlater from his kinsmen, friends, tenants and servants in May 1644, he served with Argyll in the north.  Unfortunately, this left his lands around Banffshire unprotected, as his lands were sacked and his wife saved their home only by paying Montrose ransom.  With his men, he joined Hurry, no doubt looking for revenge .  However, with defeat at Auldearn, he and his men disappeared from the history books no doubt licking their wounds and reflecting on becoming embroiled in local politics!

The Earl of Findlatter's estates where around Banff and Buchan, indeed the ruin of Findlatter castle hugs the northern shore hereabouts.  At the time of the battle, the Earl was an Oglivy.  This in itself is interesting, as the Ogilvy's were staunch supporters of Montrose.  As in many civil wars and rebellions, many families played both sides of the fence, not because they were riven by family strife, but to try and ensure that the "family" would always be on the winning side.  As we'll see in later post's, the covenanters force, though numerically superior, contained a fair proportion of troops whose leaders may have had little loyalty to the cause.

The standard thus has the Ogilvy Lion which is part of the present crest of Banff.  Perhaps easily identifiable to their kinsmen on the Royalist side!  The unit has been painted the usual mix of hodden greys, with a red/black plaid holding the unit together.

Its around 8 figures over-strength for Aulderan (see the Northern Levies too), but this gives me some room to play with for normal games.

Photo's not the best - wee bit to much sun and taken on the iPhone.


elcid1099 said...

Regiment is Looking damn good! Loving the flags.

Jonathan said...

Just a note to let you know that you have been nominated for a Liebster award!

~ Jonathan

Rank Bajin said...

That's awfully nice Jonathan - here's hoping your project comes to fruit too! All the best, Roy (and Walter)

Phil said...

Wonderful regiment and pictures, flags are amazing!