Saturday, July 6, 2013

Work in Progress: Seaforth's Regiment

Pretty close to finishing this regiment.  The shot sleeves need some work but the pike block is finished.

Been a struggle to get this done - tartans were a lot of work, especially getting enough variety in a 48 man unit - and the psychological thought of what lay ahead made the task drag out longer than it needed.

Still, good to get them out so more updates on the blog soon :-)


James Brewerton said...

Your efforts have been richly rewarded, the unit looks stunning already and when base's are complete will be some of the best ECW figures I have seen

PanzerKaput said...

Very nice there

Millsy said...

They're gorgeous!

GaryA said...

I've been reading this blog for a while now and it's always an an inspiration. So much so that it's dragged me back to the British Civil Wars for the third time in my wargaming career (can you have such a thing?) Doing the easy stuff first (English troops - well, I'm English!) and then the more interesting Scots armies, at which time this is likely to be a major information source.

So, thanks for all the work you've put in and information you've published and, in the meantime, keep it up!

Rank Bajin said...

Thanks guys - shot's coming along - might be done this afternoon - all the best - Roy