Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Buchannan's Foote

Sir George Buchanan received his commission in August 1643.  However, rather than raising the regiment for the army of the Solemn League and Covenant, his followers raided Mugdock Castle, home of Clan Graham (the seat of the Marquis of Montrose).  The regiment was raised in western Stirlingshire, before moving north in the summer of 1644, campaigning through Aberdeenshire and Turiff before becoming the garrison of Inverness.

With Lawer’s regiment, it the spent the balance of the winter improving the town’s defenses and then harrowing the lands of the Grant’s.  When Hurry arrived a detachment was sent from the garrison with the field army to Auldearn, though no records of its actions remain.

The regiment remained as the garrison of Inverness, through 1647, forming the main defense against Montrose during his siege.  By early 1647 it had disbanded.

I only painted the command base for this regiment, the infantry will be supplied by excess figures from Findlatters and the Northern Levies.  Alternatively, I'll use some dragoons I'm painting at the moment.

Buchannan's regiment was understrength at Auldearn, the rump of the regiment remaining at Inverness.  So rather than have a very small pike block, with little wings, it will be deployed as a unit of commanded shotte. This should add a little variety to the massed ranks of the Covenanters. 


Neil said...

Great figures as always. I look forward to you posts as they have inspired me to do some Scottish units for the English Civil Wars.

tradgardmastare said...

Great looking command element.

Pierre le Poilu said...

Very nice group of figures.

DeanM said...

Stunning work - the flag particularly impressive. Well done. Dean

Rank Bajin said...

Cheers fellas - more on the way soon