Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Covenanter Standards

Some cavalry standards (Hurry's included) and Buchanans Foote.

Bottom three cavalry ones are generic with no ownership or foundation.  Ideas taken from the great Flags of War - so if you want ones that are easy to do head over there (if they had been available 7 years ago I'd have been using them).


Bedford said...


These are superbly painted Roy!


Rank Bajin said...

Thanks Darrell

some more coming soon


Captain Nolan said...

I am really enjoying your site. This is a great project. Can you do a step by step demo and show how you do your bases?

Also, if you would mention the figure manufacturers and explain why you use shims on some of your figures (presumably to add height).

Charles II

Rank Bajin said...

Will see about putting a step by step guide up - really nothing special to it though.

Figures are dominantly Perry, some Eureka and minor Warlord, Old Glory and Foundry.

Not sure what you mean by shims, all figures just placed on Litko wooden bases then wood filler used to hide the metal base - so no added height implied).



Anonymous said...

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