Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lord Balfour of Burleigh's Regiment - Covenanters WIP

I am currently working on a Covenanter foot regiment, the last of my half-finished infantry. Some of you may be aware that Burleigh was not present at Auldearn, so let me explain...

This regiment was bought for use as Buchanan's Regiment at Auldearn, but Roy being the more disciplined painter, has long since completed that unit (which does double duty as dismounted dragoons). So this next unit will be finished as Balfour of Burleigh's Regiment, garrisoned in Aberdeen in 1644, and destroyed by Montrose at Justice Mills in October 1644. 

I needed to give this unit an identity and there is no particular reason for this choice of regiment except that I have always liked it's history. The Colonel was a bit of a buffoon, outclassed by Montrose as a commander, but seemed like a brave and honourable chap who tried his best. This regiment performed well against terrible odds as part of an army that was mostly militia and levies. At Justice Mills, they were retiring in good order, after the Covenanter line broke, when they attracted the attention of Laghtnan's Irish veterans. The Irish gave chase and cut them down before they could cross the Dee to safety. Another plus is that there is a description of Burleigh's colours from Dunbar in 1651 which I have assumed would be similar to the colours he carried 1644.

It's always handy to have another hodden grey regiment so not worried about them getting no use. By swapping out command, these guys could also be used as Sutherland's Levies with the hodden grey uniforms which Sutherland claimed for as an expense from the government in 1646.  Regardless, they have been half finished for a while now as the pike and command were completed well over a year ago. I actually bought the command and some of the pike partially painted from a very talented chap in Spain, who had gotten bored with painting them. So I will take a little time to finish the shot and get them based and into the cabinet before I get cracking with the royalist cavalry.

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TWR said...

So enjoying these articles as they come out. The background on the units is excellent.