Monday, March 2, 2015

Auldearn - Coming to WSS May Edition

Yesterday we took the photos to accompany our article on Auldearn.

It was the first time we had the table out, buildings and trees on, and all the figures out.

Really, it was the end of 7 years hard work.

The photos below are a taster - taken on the phone, with the main ones on the camera going to the magazine.

We never played it as a game - more just moved the troops to record what happened .

I think we nailed the scales on the terrain, which proved to be confining for the convenanters as they were sucked in towards the village.

We get to play it in two weeks - getting a rest from glue and paint just now.


Phil said...

Splendid pictures, this terrain is really nice!

DeanM said...

Great looking project - nice to see it all come together; and a mag article no less. Well done.

elcid1099 said...

Photos are looking fantastic. Was an great afternoon laying out the different stages of the battle, snapping photos and drinking copious cups of tea. Its been a long project that has been worked on in both hemispheres and survived some real challenges but seeing the new 12' x 6' table in all its glory covered in beautifully painted models brought a tear to my eye.

Millsy said...

A wonderful reward for all your hard work. Very much looking forward to seeing the actual game itself. We've been waiting almost as long as you have!

Jonathan Freitag said...

Terrific photos and what a wonderful end to a great project.

Neil said...

Can't wait to get my hands on the magazine!

Friends of General Haig said...

Great to see the terrain come together. Looks wonderful. It all starts to come to life with the figures etc. on the boards. It really shows well the bunching up of the Government forces and how the flank attacks were so effective. The first article in WSS was great. Really looking forward to May's edition.

Alford next perhaps? :-)

Rank Bajin said...

Thanks Guys - been a really good (if long) project - thanks for your encouragement along the way.

Alford… there is an idea….

all the best