Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Fightin' Irish

My first regiment of the rock hard Irish brigade are finally finished. Experienced soldiers and good catholic boys, they formed the solid core of Montrose's motley Royalist army. They are mainly Eureka Miniatures Irish pike and shot, with a few Perry ECW English, and at least one Foundry ECW casualty figure.

They are painted using mainly Foundry paints, with Granite, Quagmire and Slate for the greys, Bay Brown and Peaty Brown for the browns, Drab and Arctic Grey for the unbleached wool trews. Bonnets have been added using green stuff.

The occasional highland targe has been added, using Old Glory Highland shields. The pikes are 80mm long Foundry steel pins.

The flags are printed on paper from homemade Photoshop designs. They were subsequently hand-painted over, and attached to shortened Foundry steel pins.

The bases are 3mm plywood from Litko, with flex-steel base bottoms. The bases are finished using sand glued on wood filler. After painting the bases were flocked with static grass in 2 stages; first green, and then an autumn brown. Small pieces of dark green clump foliage were added, and this were sprinkled with purple flock to represent heather.

This unit represents the Irish that took a forward position on Garlic Hill together with MacColla and his Lifeguard (to follow). These units held off the government army long enough for the the rest of Montrose's surprised army to rally and organise a counter-attack.


Anonymous said...

I am continually impressed with the photos on your blog. My own ECW project has taken a back seat to work/family, unfortunately. One day...

In the meantime I will keep enjoying the hobby vicariously. They look great.

Henry said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed.

Owen Thomas said...

The Irish Brigade looks great. Could you say a little more about the bases of your figures? You mention that they are attached to 3mm plywood and then have a flex-steel base. Does that mean that the models' bases are glued to the plywood which in turn is glued to the flex-steel base? Sorry for this seemingly pedantic query, but I'm a novice.

Many thanks.


elcid1099 said...


The bases are Litko 3mm plywood. The flex-steel are also from Litko and are self-adhesive and stick-on the bottom of the wood bases.

These provide some extra stability for transporting by laying magnetic sheets in the base of the figure boxes.

Mark said...

Following this with interest as I'm building a Montrose army too, although mine is being based up for the Black Powder rules and the Pike & Shotte supplement. I'd be interested to know what figures, equipment etc you're intending to use for Mac Colla's bodyguard?


elcid1099 said...

Sorry Grandad Nurgle, I missed your question. Just prepped MacColla's bodyguard last night. Will be a small shotte unit of 14, mixture of Eureka Irish and Highlanders and will include The Devastator himself plus 4 command (lets me do another two Irish Flags). I will also have an alternate MacColla command base with another couple of flags drawn from West Coast and Ulster Heraldry.