Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Flags for Campbell of Lawers' Regiment

The colours for Campbell of Lawers' Regiment are not well documented. A single colour captured at Dunbar (1650), bearing an older version of the Covenanter inscription, is thought to have been carried by the regiment. The flag is a traditional Scots Government colour with blue field and white saltire. The absence of any additional documented colours from Dunbar is attributed to the fact that this tough regiment retired from the field in good order despite the Scottish defeat.

"Company" Colour


For this project we are providing each regiment with 2 flags. A typical company colour, such as the blue saltire above, and the colonel's colour. The colonel's colour for Campbell of Lawers' regiment is unknown so we have decided to use an unknown colonel's colour, captured at Dunbar (1650), depicting a gold thistle on a white field and the motto "Nemo me impune lacessit", an ancient Scottish motto which translates as "None provoke me unpunished".

"Colonel's" Colour


The flags were created using photoshop. In this case the flag designs were then copied onto foil by hand, and hand-painted. They can also be printed on paper and either used as is or painted over. The level of subsequent hand-painting is down to individual preference and can range from a complete paint-over to some additional minor highlights and shades.

All flags created for this project will be shared on this site. Up next - the Irish.

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