Saturday, September 7, 2013

Auldearn - the Musical!

Following on from the last post on religious intolerance - now some misogyny too.

The last witch to be killed in Scotland was Isobel Goudie, in 1662.

She lived in Auldearn, daughter of a solicitor. As a girl she witnessed the battle, perhaps the horrors she saw on that day affected her. There's lots of stuff out on the net if anyone is interested in reading further.

Makes me think we will need to have her on the board with some of the local worthies - maybe with a cat...

Meanwhile, here's the much lamented Alex Harvey with a wee tune.


John said...

An interesting lady indeed. According to wikipedia "there is no record of her being executed" and a quick look around the web suggests that is correct. Do you have any links that say she was?
What ever her fate, she should definitely be included... maybe as an animal?

History PhD said...

I actually lived near Auldearn for many years (Elgin)