Monday, September 30, 2013

Scots Casualty Markers for Pike & Shotte

"Thair wes reknit to be slayne heir at this bloodie battell aboue 2000 men..."

Spalding on the slaughter at Auldearn in May 1645

While working on the Strathbogie regiment I also painted up a bunch of casualty markers for Warlord's Pike and Shotte rules. Casualties are not removed using the Pike and Shotte rules so casualties must be recorded by use of tokens, dice or modelled casualty markers like these.

These models are a mixture of Perry English Civil War "Dead and Wounded" set and Warlord models "Shotte Down in Flames" Pike and Shotte Casualties set. The models in both sets have English head gear so some minor conversion work was required to remove the English hats and replace with green stuff scots bonnets. The casualties are based on 40mm diameter, 3mm wooden bases from Litko. Below are close ups of each model from a couple of different angles.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice and your tartan is superb!


Rank Bajin said...

very nice indeed - your going to need them!! :-)

Phil said...

Stunning work!

Anonymous said...


Im looking at building a 15mm marston moore army. Could you possibly tell me where you get the flag details from as i cant seem to find any

elcid1099 said...

I get my ECW flag details from the reference list provided on the right of the blog, mainly Reid's pamphlets for Partizan Press. But these are mainly for Scottish flags (with the exception of Young, who covers all Britain). For Marston Moor English I would recommend the Partizan Press pamphlets on ECW Flags available from Caliver Books. Ahd if you don't want to paint them you could contact our pals at Flags of War, who sell printed flags (also at 15mm scale). If you drop him a nice note he might be able to tell you which flags you need.

Anonymous said...

English regiments are not too bad to find as Im a member of the sealed knot. The problem I am having is with the scots army as it appears very little info has been recorded which does appear typical of this period.