Monday, June 2, 2014

Covenanter Gun Line

The Covenanter field army was well equipped with artillery.  The army in England had an extensive artillery park which was employed successfully against the Royalist forces in the north.  In Scotland, the mobile nature of the warfare precluded the serious use of heavier pieces, with only the ubiquitous frame-guns probably being deployed, outside of siege operations (i.e. Inverness).

Covenanter gun carriages were painted with pine-tar to help them stand up to the elements.  Though not as colorful as some other guns of the period, this gives a fair contrast to the hidden grey of the infantry.  
To get the effect I painted the carriages foundry ochre shade, then GW desert yellow (my middle shade had dried up), and highlighted with ochre highlight.  The guns and metal fittings were gun metal on black.  I liberally painted the whole thing with Army Painter medium shade which gave them a "creosote" look and the metal a rusty feel.  However, the iron guns looked naff (and turned out to be ahistorical) so I worked up a bronze effect.

The two small guns are Covenanter Falconets, so the crew were fine.  The larger gun was a generic Saker, so some green stuff bunnet's were fashioned.  I couldn't really mix and match the crews as the ramrods etc were right sized to the guns.  The crew were painted a broad mix of grey and drab with the odd flash of color on some tartan.

Bases are standard size 6 x 8cm gun bases from Litko, with Silflour tufts and static grass.

Final couple of shots show them deployed for action with the infantry.

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elcid1099 said...

Looking great. Love the ordnance. Love the bases, look great together. Shame the royalists don't get to have nice toys like this (except when the stole them off the covs). Lovely!

Phil said...

Beautiful paint job, as always...the work on the blue colors is amazing!

Ian said...

These are very nice indeed


Jason Meyers said...

Wonderful looking artillery!

Millsy said...

Right up to your usual standard mate. The carriages look great and the guns themselves are a beautiful tone.

When are we going to see another battle report?

Rank Bajin said...

cheers everyone

Michael - we are asking ourselves that a lot :-) hopefully sooner rather than later….


Dougie said...

Roy just found this blog wonderful stuff matie, one quick question on your bases what static grass have you used with the silflor tufts?
Thanks, Dougie

Rank Bajin said...

Dougie - the static grass is woodland scenics harvest gold but I add a fee clumps of a darker green static to as it helps break it up. Your Falklands stuff looks great - was down there a couple of years ago - amazing place.