Sunday, June 29, 2014

Stop Press - Literally

We have submitted two articles to WSS at the invite of the editor Guy Bowers.  First one is a generic history of Montrose's campaign with some simple campaign rules.  The second is the refight in detail of Auldearn.

Looks like the first will be published soon as Guy wanted some photos asap.  So with that in mind, and knowing that both of us were heading to the hills for the next month and a bit, we had an impromptu photo shoot yesterday.

Its the first time we have had all the stuff on the table so the collection has grown quite a lot.

So here's a photo to wet everyones appetite….


Derek said...

Can't wait to see the finished articles!

Millsy said...

Exciting news indeed. Looking forward to seeing these in print!

Rank Bajin said...

Thanks fellas - looking forward to seeing it all myself! Hopefully get down to making the terrain in August.

all the best


Anonymous said...

Appetite is duly whetted (as in whetstone).

Noah Bajin