Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Terrain Building I

The last couple of weeks have been spent building the boards for the battlefield.  We have a hard deadline on this part of the project for if we want to get it into the next WSS article (due out in May) - we need the photographs out by the end of February.

We decided that we'd build enough boards to cover 6' by 24' - as this would give us plenty of variety going forward - with the Auldearn Board (6'by 8') being the main aim. This meant we had a lot of work to do.

The basic design would utilise 2' by 4' mdfs, and we buildt beading around the edges, fitting 1/2inch foam insulation into the center - so we got strength with lightness.

The terrain was then outlines and height build up by adding more sheets of foam

Auldearn Village - basic design

Auldearn Village - hill sculpt - note additional thin sheets of foam added to level up 1/2 inch insulation foam.

Garlic Hill - center point of the battle - 2" of hill built up

It was essential the slopes were gentle enough that the figures were standing reasonably vertically - so we couldn't build up to much height.

We have through hard about cladding the boards and think a variety of dyed toweling and some limited grass mat will give a good effect - this is pretty similar to the stuff on the Perry's site - which has been a great inspiration.

Boards looking pretty big - this shows relationship of Garlic Hill, Castle Hill and Auldearn Village

Detail of "clad" Garlic Hill with Monymore's Regiment guarding the crest.

The houses have all been painted, each will have its own small tile with fencing etc.

We only have a little sanding on some other hills and painting of the board edges before we get down to the dressing phase - hopefully it should be done this weekend......


Paul O'G said...

Hello - I recently discovered you blog and have enjoyed trawling through all the entries here. My friend and I are just starting our first foray into the ECW period and are enjoying it immensely. However, we are going with 6mm figures and are just painting up our first few armies now, to be followed by Scottish forces in the future.

If you are interested our project blog is here:

Rank Bajin said...

Thanks Paul

glad you are enjoying the show :-)