Monday, February 23, 2015

Terrain Building III

Spent most of yesterday painting the towels to get a consistent finish - the dying having been a bit hit and miss.  All the fabric types blend pretty well - next stage is the dry brushing

Getting the roads on was also done - nice contrast with the green.

Amazing how the colors change depending on the light/angle...


Bedford said...

Got to be said, I've really enjoyed this series of articles mate.

It's the type of technique for making terrain/scenery that I've always wanted to make but have never had the guts!


Rank Bajin said...

Cheers Darrell

still a ways to go yet.

its took about 100 man hours so far but we have learned a lot along the way

get to do the detailed bits next



Chris said...

Looks great. Did you soak the towel fabric in paint to create a stiff texture for further dry brushing or was the fabric left quite soft and just dry brushed? I got the impression you really painted the fabric.

Rank Bajin said...

Chris - the fabric was dyed (could have missed this step) and then glued down with diluted wood glue and tertrion (which could also have been omitted.

Then we painted it all with waterered down emulsion with wood glue in it.

it dried semi stiff - so then we could dry brush the whole lot - 3-4 tones