Saturday, January 22, 2011

Covenanter Cavalry 1

Been a while since anything has been posted and even longer since it was relevant to the blog. However, now back into the swing of things and looks as if I'll have a good run at it for a while with only a few distractions. The photo below is a "good-faith" work in progress shot of all the "cuddies" for the covenanter cavalry. It's been a bit of a trial to get variety in colour and learn to paint them ala Foundry but I think they came out okay. My biggest problem is painting horses in batches of 6, so I mixed them up with some dark age stuff to make sure I got plenty variety of colours. This resulted in 19 Covenanter horses, plus 9 arab, 6 dark age scot's and 7 norman nags too!

My cohort in India has picked up his paints too, so some more Irish are in the offing. Rumour has it he might be moving to a new location so we can only wait to see if Montrose and Baillie finally get to grips!!