Friday, April 25, 2014

Covenanter Dragoons and/or Commanded Shotte

I had a few spare shot from the main regiments left over and had bought a box of the Perry ECW dismounted dragoons.  With some hacking and shaving, then some greenstuff into bunnets these guys were born.  Some of the hats look a wee bit big but they were probably supplied from a street trader in the Barras.

When not deployed as dragoons, they can form the body of a commanded shote unit, with the spare command I have from Buchanans.  Perry's Dragoons are really nice - the two crouching guys in particular are great sculpts.


Wee Alec and his awfa big bunt

No shootin till ye see the whites of their eyes!

Drummer keeping the chins up.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Covenanter Standards

Some cavalry standards (Hurry's included) and Buchanans Foote.

Bottom three cavalry ones are generic with no ownership or foundation.  Ideas taken from the great Flags of War - so if you want ones that are easy to do head over there (if they had been available 7 years ago I'd have been using them).