Monday, March 21, 2011

Covenanter Cavalry 5: Flags and Stuff

March has been a busy month at work and the painting has been stopped as I've dug into motifs for the Covenanters standards.  Although at first pass their seems to be a lot of info on the Covenanters standards from those captured at Dunbar, Inverkeithing, Worcester and Preston - none of them really tie to the regiments at Auldearn.  So had to be a bit creative within the realms of historical accuracy.  That being said, I'll document the logic when the regiments are fully painted and written up.

In the meantime here's the first cav unit based up waiting for their colours.

The following image shows some work in progress on the rest of the standards - pretty daunting at first but a wee change from Little Big Mans.

Off to Rio so unit should be done in two weeks.