Sunday, February 27, 2011

Covenanter Cavalry 4

Unit finished - only got the standard to paint and then the bases to do.  Once that is done I'll get some proper shots taken - but can't really knock the utility of the old IPhone!

Going to be a bit tricky getting the spacing right due to the officers sword.  Back row sits nicely though.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Covenanter Cavalry 3

Some more of the troopers.  Back row will be swords at the ready, front the command and charging types.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Covenanter Cavalry 2

Some work in progress on the cavalry.  Should be another half dozen along soon - hopefully have the whole unit done by the end of the month.  I'll do a write up of the regiment then - will have to be creative with the flag unfortunately - going to be harder painting on something a quarter the size of the infantry.

This will be an officer for one of the command vignettes. I really like the tone on this horse, doesn't really do it justice.  The plaid is the same as on the Lord Chancellors regiment.

Bit to much reflected flash. These are the real thing though - good front rank cavalry, especially the two with swords raised "gerrintaethem".  Black horses not to my cup of tea - the triad makes them too grey.  Think I might have the solution though, a black ink wash (see trooper on the lefts boots) darkens it all up again, whilst retaining some of the form.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Second Irish Regiment WIP

As my co-blogger in Houston has recently shared some WIP photos of his cavalry horses, I thought I would post some WIP photos of my second Irish Regiment for Auldearn. I have recently completed 24 Irish musketeers, which will form 2 shot sleeves of 12 each. I have also completed a couple of Scots government casualties that will be used to add some interest to the multi-figure bases. This regiment will be depicted in a desperate charge, the typical tactic the Irish used to bring their battles to a close. The figures are the excellent Eureka Irish, in charging poses, some clubbing with muskets. The casualties and Irish sergeant are Perry figures.

The unfinished bases are shown (above) arranged as per the final unit basing, with 2x12 man shot sleeves, plus the central pike block of 16, comprising 12 pikemen plus 4 command (Leader, Drummer and 2 Ensigns).

Close up of some of the Irish shot. The chap in the green smock with maroon trews (far left, middle distance), is painted as a tribute the the Sealed Knot re-enactors of "Laghtnan's Irish Regiment" who in earlier days wore this livery as a speculative uniform. Nowadays they wear the more accepted hodden grey of course.

Above, a couple of unfortunate Covenanters fall victim to the murderous irish mercenaries.

I have also included a shot of a new MacColla conversion. I have modified the Eureka MacColla figure with the addition of a beard, Scots blue bonnet, sporran and highland targe slung on back with shoulder strap. All were added with green stuff, with the targe coming from Bicorne. The green tartan trews and some highlights on the sporran are the only painting unfinished. The conversion and paint scheme is based on the depiction of MacColla by Angus McBride in the Osprey "Highland Clansmen" (Warrior 21), a beautiful painting in which he is shown desperately defending a cottage in the village of Auldearn during the heat of the battle. He can be seen below with the Perry sergeant, who will be joining the charging Irish.

I am presently working on Eureka charging pikemen (with half-pikes) and Perry Advancing command and hope to have the entire unit ready soon. I will post another WIP when the pike and command are complete.